Things You Most Likely Do Not Know About Aspen Snowmass

When thinking about Aspen Snowmass most people say it is a ski resort. Nobody denies the fact that we are talking about one of the best ski resorts around the world, with the skiing experience being world class and vacation rentals in Aspen being simply perfect. However, Snowmass is not just about skiing. It is different than most other resorts since it offers much more than them. If you want to visit Snowmass, here are some really interesting things that you most likely did not know till now.

Aspen Will Remind You Of Switzerland

Every single person will tell you that European skiing resorts have a specific expansive vibe as they connect towns to each other and give access to numerous places where you can warm up, stop, eat or drink something. Snowmass is exactly the same, offering a highly similar communal atmosphere and that spaciousness we normally see in Europe. This did not happen by accident. Bill Janss, former ski racer, was responsible for designing the resort and did so while emulating the popular Euro-flare of the moment.

The sky lifts were first turned on in the year 1967 and marked the creation of the largest Canadian winter resort. Nowadays, the original terrain expanded and includes so much more than in the beginning. All this is combined with a really charming village in Jungfrau so it should be no surprise to see why Snowmass is now attracting numerous casual tourists and athletes.

Green Living Is Norm

Snowmass Village is free of cars simply because the single-person vehicles are a necessity. The bus system will take you wherever you want to go, including restaurants, shops and lifts. After you park your car at the resort or hotel you stay at, you no longer need to use it. All that you really have to do is find a bus stop. If you want to exercise a little more, just think about the fact that you do not need to go through schlepping since resort lodging is almost always located near slopes. You can put on the skis right as you go out the door.

The Village is walkable and gives you so many seating options on the mall. You can enjoy your food whenever you want and during summers, entertainment is all around you on the streets. Biking trails and hiking trails replace the skiing trails. Basically, green living becomes normality for all tourists and vehicles are just not needed.

A Comfort Zone For Every Visitor

Riders and skiers of practically all possible abilities will find comfort zones available in Snowmass. The experts can tackle the powder steeps that are normally not available in most resorts around the world. When you are just a beginner that does not know that much about skiing, you can tackle beginner terrain after you enjoy some true world-class lessons.

Obviously, in a great ski resort you also have to accommodate the middle ground since most people that visit will be of an intermediate level. If you are among them, do not worry since there are intermediate level slopes all around the resort. Those that are interested in freestyle riding can progress skills on small and big features. This includes a 12 feet halfpipe for beginners and a Superpipe built according to professional norms.

Snowmass Apres Scene

Everything can start at Elk Camp. This is an on-mountain location that offers everything you want from Colorado: wonderful beverages and organic bites. After you enjoy your stay, you can still add one more ski trip down as you are finished.

After lifts no longer work, everything tends to move towards Lynn Britt Cabin. Everything here can be described as being prime. So many beginners and seasoned veterans can be seen enjoying champagne, wine and craft beer, all in a completely laid-back attitude. Most of the cities around the world see this at a much later time of the night. If you want to keep going as the night is young, move to Zane’s Tavern. This place will make the mall keep hopping every single day of the week.

When The Snow Melts

When the weather is warmer and the snow melts, festivals start to dominate the area. You can find very good fresh food offered by local chefs and numerous international headliners have concerts in Snowmass. Live music also fills the entire mall. If you are interested in enjoying a drink with a perfect summer view, consider the Venga Venga Tequila Bar.

The Cirque Summit

Even if you are traveling in the middle of summer, be sure that you take some gloves with you and a scarf. This is because you want to reach the summit at The Cirque, which is located at an altitude of 12,510 feet. From there you have wonderful views of the Snowmass Mountain, the Roaring Fork Valley and the Maroon Bells. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of your experience.

You can go down via an intermediate route but the Cirque’s double-black terrain is simply incredible. You want to film this adventure and show it to all your friends when you get back home. Everyone is going to be jealous.

As an extra tip but for the winter, if you want an incredible skiing experience, ski down from The Cirque and cut down through 5.3 powder miles towards Two Creeks. Just be warned that this is difficult and should only be considered by skiers that are fitter and more experienced.