How to Spruce Up Your Kitchen With a Subway Tiles Backsplash

Today’s modern homeowners are searching for many unique ways of adding a touch of style to their modern homes and kitchens. One of the best places to add a touch of stylish and contemporary design is the backsplash of one’s kitchen.

The kitchen, most often, is the primary gathering area of the house either when the family is spending time together during preparation of meals or while entertaining some guests, and thus since the backsplash of the kitchen is vertically positioned in front of sight of most visitors to this part of the house. A backsplash which is nicely designed will spruce up and update ones kitchen in a very cost effective way.

Anyone can use the tips listed below in order to update and design their kitchen according to their will:

Choice of Material

Some of the most well known and popular choices for the kitchen backsplashes are ceramic and porcelain tiles, in the past few years, there has been a great rise in the types of tiles available.

Apart from porcelain and ceramic tiles, a variety of other materials are also available which would make very good choices for designing backsplashes. Some of the most popular materials are listed below.

Glass subway Tiles

This material is always an excellent choice for backsplash of the kitchen, may it be in the size of field tiles or as mosaic sizes. Glass subway tiles are easy to maintain and clean, and is a very good way of adding color to your kitchen. The tiles are available in many colours which make an excellent combination with the choices available in granite or porcelain tile counter tops.

Stone Tiles

Tumbled stone and Travertine which are available in many sizes are becoming more and more popular for usage in backsplashes especially in Southwest and Western America. The one and only disadvantage of using stone as backsplash material is that it has to be sealed in order to prevent staining since it is porous in nature.

Stainless steel subway Tiles

Stainless steel tiles can be used like an entire backsplash in contemporary or modern kitchen. These metal tiles look very good as accenting pieces in natural stone or ceramic backsplash tiles.

Colour combination of backsplash and kitchen decor

While choosing material for kitchen backsplash it is very important to select it according to the decor and fixtures used in the kitchen like lighting and faucets.

Think properly before choosing unglazed or porous tiles near cook tops or sinks as they are difficult to clean and can get stained easily. The design and the material used should combine well with the theme of the kitchen, for example while choosing tiles for your backsplash, the safest way to go is to choose tiles which match your flooring tiles.

Lighting is a very important element for emphasizing shades and colour of the kitchen backsplash, therefore proper lighting can give the backsplash a very stunning look.