Features of a Split System Air Conditioner

Many people refer to split air conditioners as being mini units or ductless units. Split air conditioning units often connect indoor evaporators to outdoor condensers that have small hoses or tubes. You are going to have the ability to cool one spot or area in your house or more than one area at a time. These units additionally have a heating unit. There are many features to this type of unit and this is just a list of a few of them to consider when you are in the market for one.

Operates Quietly

One of the top features of a split system air system is the fact that it’s quiet. This is primarily because the compressor of the unit is outdoors. Typically sits on a window and that means you are not going to hear it when it’s turned on.


When you have a split unit, there are going to be more options available to you. There are more decorating and interior designing options as well as opposed to what you have with traditional units. Split unit air conditioners have the ability to fit in a window and you can incorporate it on a wall, or mount it to your ceiling. You can also suspend it from your ceiling or stand it on your floor. There are some units that come with a remote control and this is beneficial for times the unit is up high and out of reach.

Installs Simple

Unlike other air conditioner units, a split air conditioning system is easy to install. You are going to be connecting the indoor evaporator to the condenser that is outside and this is going to require a hole that measures 3 inches in your wall that will fit the conduit. Your outdoor condenser isn’t going to have to be close to your evaporator inside simply because the conduit can be found in a variety of lengths. This is going to allow you to keep your entire home cool. You should consider having someone help install it to help ensure things are done properly and that it’s working properly.

Cools More Than One Zone

You will find that there are some split system air conditioners that are going to be able to cool as many as 4 zones at one time and all with 1 condenser that is connected to 4 units inside. Each of the units will have their own thermostat which is great for keeping each zone to a specific temperature. This is a great feature that many people enjoy as they can keep the temperature warmer for children and if you have company, you can keep another area cooler.

Split air conditioner systems are being seen in more and more homes and they are beneficial in many ways. There are more and more homes that are making use of these types of air conditioning units, and therefore this could be an option to think about. You can begin with getting in touch with retailers in your area to learn what options you have in regard to these types of units.